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Nappy Kit - Newborn

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Fee: £ 45.00 for 90 days

Location: Watford OOH
Condition: B - Used
Code: SATB-0202

Newborn Kit - suitable from birth to around 15 weeks.

Contains: 20 nappies (mix of different types: all in one, pocket nappy, 'all in 2' and 2 part nappies), 2x mesh bags, nappy bucket, boosters, fleece liners, paper liners and vest extenders.

There are a range of sizes in the newborn kit as tiny babies grow so quickly. You might find some nappies fit better around tiny legs, and others are best a month or so later> We offer this range so that you get the most from your kit and you always have nappies that fit!

Using the newborn kit can help you work out which style(s) work best for you, before going on to hire or buy your own. Our 'birth to potty' kits are available from around 12 weeks onwards and should fit right the way up to potty training.



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