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Nappy Kit - MINI - Potty Training


Fee: £ 6.00 for 30 days

Location: Watford OOH
Condition: B - Used
Code: SATB-0283

Potty Training Kit
Is your little one showing signs of being ready to come out of nappies? Do you want to find out more about the options available?

Try our mini kit with a selection of different training pants, absorbent pads and leg warmers to keep your little one warm as they toddle about bare bummed.

Includes 9 nappies in a range of brands/ absorbencies, wet bag and other accessories.

Choose your size. (we have options to fit all sizes and ages)

See also our Wet Wipes kits for quick and effective solution to any accidents.

This item is not available for reservation online. Please contact us.